I'm Josh Nguyen

Full Stack Web Developer

I'm experienced in building Web Application with MERN, MEAN, and Python-Django web stack and other libraries and frameworks.

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I have background in hospitality management working as an supervisor cook at Kinton Ramen restaurant.

I studied Software Engineer Immersive course at General Assembly, one of the top technology bootcamp.

Not only that, I also learn from different online sources like EdX from Havard University, freeCodeCamp, CodeCademy, ...


General Assembly

Software Engineer Immersive

Humber College

Hotel and Restaurant Operation Management


Kinton Ramen  (2019 - 2021)

Supervisor Cook, Apprentice Manager

Technologies I use:





jquery  JQuery








express  Express

file_type_python  Python




mysql  MySQL




google cloud  Google Cloud


figma  Figma

whimsical  Whimsical



trello  Trello

lucid  Lucid

heroku  Heroku

  VS Code




What I can offer

  • Beautiful code

    I write clean, organized, easy to maintain, and valid markup that eliminates excess code and allows others to easily understand and therfore update content in the future.

  • Responsive

    A responsive website can work well across all devices and screen sizes. This make a website have broader reach to the audience.

  • Complex application

    I can make a complex web app that not only look good but also well function, organized, well managed state and database.

  • Fast and efficient

    A fast and effective web app is also as important as a well design one. Customer can leave a web if they have to wait for more than 5 seconds to load.

How I work on projects

  • Forming ideas

    and determine what are the functionalities of the website, what services we provide, what is important.

  • Address problems

    address possible problem of the web app base on the functionality, data, etc and find proper solutions.

  • Plan the workflow

    having tasks organized in a right order can double the productivity and cut time in half especially in a complicated project.

  • Build the app

    build the database, backend, frontend and extra functionality of frontend & backend

  • Test the app

    test thoroughly, find any error and bugs, then fix them.

  • Host and deploy

    conduct more test after deploy to find potential error.

What I am working on:

  • Studying at General Assembly
  • Learning Data Structure
  • Learning Algorithm
  • Building project

What are my goals:

  • Become a well rounded programmer
  • Work for a reputable company
  • Improve my front-end skills
  • Improve back-end skills

My Personalities:

  • Competitive
  • Straight to the point
  • Calm and preserve
  • Workaholic
  • Reliable

Contact me at

Toronto, ON, Canada

(647) 581 - 6621


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