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S'more Recipe is a Group Project for the General Assembly's Collabathon between Software Engineer Immersive student and UX Design Immersive student.

S'more Recipe was created as a one-stop-shop for people who love to go camping that looking for a app to help them plan for their trips.

The app enable user to create trip that they are planning to go, update what equipment they want to bring to the trip, explore a list of recipe that they can use in their camping, and have a quick and easy grocery list to help them prepare for the trip.

General Assembly's Collabathon:

GA's Collabathon create opportunity for Software developer and Designer to share their skills and work in a team emulate real world work environment to create a project together.

This Collabathon project help the SEI and UXDI students gain direct experiences that is relevant to our future carrer.

The Project require developer student to work with designer students to work on project from start to end.

It also require understanding and appreciating the relationship between developer and designer.

Understanding constraints, realities and making decisions for the sake of delivering an MVP to present to stakeholders.

Group info and Roles:

Our group consist of 6 members: 2 developer me and my friend Lu, and 4 designers

  1. Josh Nguyen: Database, Wireframe, Routing, Functionality, Styling, Authentication, Authorization, Documenter, Database manager
  2. Lu Ye: Database, Wireframe, Routing, Functionality, Styling, Authentication, Authorization, Images & Logo, Github Manager
  3. May Wu: Iterate wireframes, User flow
  4. Paula Abejero: Iterate wireframes, User flow, Style guild - heading and font
  5. Josh Boissiere: Iterate wireframes, User flow, Recipe Table - Google Doc, Excel
  6. Rabia Malik Jamil: Pitch deck, User flow, Competitive analysis, Problem space, Persona, Prototype

Technologies used:






file_type_python  Python











review image 1 review image 2 review image 3 review image 4 review image 5

User Flow Diagram

user-flow image

Entity Relationship Diagram:

erd image


  1. Log in or Sign up new account to get started
  2. Create Trip, update Trip information, delete Trip
  3. Explore Recipe by filter all or by each category
  4. See each Recipe detail, comment on your favorite recipe and add it to your camping trip
  5. Download recipe for offline usage
  6. Create a Grocery list for easy shopping your item for your trip
  7. Log out

Key learnings & Challenges:

  • Working among a group of designers and developers require good communications.
  • Optimize an app by focusing on the user and user exepriences.
  • Learn each other's obstacles and systems, processes, etc.
  • Empathy and communication allowed us to move forward.
  • We all have a common goals, collaboration over competition.

Ice Box, Next Step:

  • Created user profile where user can upload profile images
  • More Social media aspect
  • Auto-generated grocery list.
  • Enable commenting when user view Recipe (completed)
  • Create a Grocery List where user can keep track ingredient to buy (completed)


Distributed under the MIT License.

Contact me at

Toronto, ON, Canada

(647) 581 - 6621

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