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The checkers board game is one of the world’s oldest games. It is played by two persons who oppose each other across a board of 64 light and dark squares, the same as a chessboard. At the start of the game, each contestant has 12 pieces arranged on the board.

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Player with red checker pieces always go first

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Then the player with black pieces turn.

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  1. Take Control of the Center

    Beginners often place their checkers on the edge of the board. This seems like a reasonable strategy, because your pieces on the edge cannot be captured. But as it turns out, pushing your checkers to the edges is a mistake. Try to form a pyramid shape with your pieces.

  2. Play offensive

    Because of the possibility of forced moves, your opponent can presents you with a capture you must take. Because of this, you cannot afford to sit back and fortify. You could be forced to jump your checkers into oblivion at any time and no defense that you build can stand up over time.

  3. Play according to the strength of your position

    Attack only on the strong side and defend only with on the weak side.

  4. Never move a piece without a notive

    If you wish to become a master player, you need to learn how to "plan" and not merely live from one move to the next.

  5. Stick together when you advance

    A single checker advanced can easily be jumped and captured while a checker backed up by two more checkers is immune from capture. If you press forward with a few checkers then your advancing force will be much more powerful.

  6. Crown your pieces to kings

    A kinged piece is incredibly powerful. The player who kings more checkers will usually win. While capturing opposing checkers is generally a good thing, your biggest concern should always be kinging your own checkers.

  7. Sacrifice a checker if needed

    You should be willing to trade a capture for a capture when it advantages you. Sacrificing a checker to clear a path to be kinged is always worth it.

  8. Trade pieces when you are ahead

    With only 12 pieces on the board for each player, it is quite possible that you may quickly end up with a 8-7 piece advantage and if you can trade four pieces, you suddenly have a 4-3 advantage which is a tremendous amount of power.

  9. Move your home row checkers only when you need them

    Your opponent cannot get any kinged checkers without advancing into one of your four home spaces. Keeping these spaces occupied guarantees that your opponent will get no kings until your checkers move. 10. Attack you opponents "Double Corner"

  10. Be aware for kings in the endgame

    Once only a few pieces are left on the board, the path to kingship will be open. Don't trade pieces blindly if it means that your opponent will be closer than you to get a king.

  11. Win by blocking

    If you cannot move a piece on your turn, you lose. If you can block in your opponent's checkers, you will win.

  12. Play against better players

    While winning is fun, you can't learn much by playing against weaker players.


  • Design a table layout that make it easy to set up the game.
  • Store game state data within the file.
  • Adhere to all the checker game rule.
  • Manipulate the DOM as well as get information from it when user play the game.
  • Testing and fixing bugs that occured.


  • Create the table layout with different class attribute on it
  • Store the game state in many nested array
  • Use classes to easily access the DOM and display the game.

Ice Box, Next Step:

  • Enable Dragable feature
  • Intergrate more music


Distributed under the MIT License.

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